• The Signature
    This treatment will restore and rebalance your skin as we infuse the essential vitamins and minerals for optimum skin health.

    Unwind and feel your facial tension melt away with our signature facial massage.

    Recommended for – Improving skin texture and tone, hydration, rebalancing sensitive skin and ageing well.

    After just one 60 minute treatment your skin will feel radiant, plump and full of vitality.

    For a deeper experience add a:

    LED light treatment   $60
    Custom Peel                 $55
    Hydrabrasion               $35

  • Bespoke Peel
    Our skin experts carefully select the perfect peel for you. Our focus is on visible results and long term skin health.

    Recommended for – Improving skin texture and tone, rebalancing, ageing well, acne and spot prone skin and restoring unhappy skin.

    Working with a 3 level peel program.

    Level 1 – Can be had on the day with no skin preparation.

    Level 2 – Requires skin preparation with specific home care use two weeks prior.

    Level 3 – Requires previous peels and skin preparation with home care.

    For a deeper experience add a:

    LED light therapy        $60

    Hydrabrasion               $35

  • LED light therapy
    A non-invasive treatment using LED light technology. Our award-winning LED ‘The Dermalux’ stimulates cellular regeneration and oxygenation. It targets a multitude of concerns in one session as it has the ability to omit blue, red and NIR light at once if needed.

    Offering the visible brightening and plumping effect of the red, the antibacterial effect of the blue and the anti-inflammatory and healing effect of the NIR (near infrared).

    Single treatment            $95

    Course of 6 treatments $495

    Add on to any facial      $60

  • Clear + Brilliant
    A mild fractional laser that improves your skin’s texture, tone and luminosity with minimal downtime. A fast and effective treatment, great prior to a special event.

    Note :
    Increase your water intake one week prior to get the best out of this treatment.

    Stop using and AHA, BHA and retinol products one week before your C+B.

    Area treated face, neck + décolletage.

    For a deeper experience add a:

    LED light therapy       $60

  • Skin Needling

    Designed to create a healing response within the body, igniting natural collagen and elastin production without any harsh side effects or downtime. Smoothing lines and scars, lightening pigmentation and refining pores.

    For optimum results a minimum of 4 treatments are recommended.

    Each skin needling treatment begins with a complimentary LED light therapy to optimise results.

    Area treated face, neck + décolletage.

    Note :
    Stop using and AHA, BHA and retinol products one week prior to this treatment.

    For a deeper experience add a:

    Custom Peel       $55

  • Microdermabrasion
    This mechanical surface exfoliation is recommended for the treatment of mild congestion and uneven skin texture and tone.

    We then infuse serums into the epidermis with a customised alginate mask, for a specific effect.

    Leave with a smoother, brighter and more hydrated skin.

    For a deeper experience add a:

    LED light therapy        $60
    Custom Peel                  $55

  • A little Guidance
    We would love to welcome you to the world of skincare. Teen skin can be tricky, the skin is breaking out usually due to internal hormones, until this settles there is not a magic potion or treatment which will get rid of spots for good. However, there are things which will aggravate and some that will help to balance and calm. This deep cleansing facial will help combat the changing skin of the 11-16-year-olds.

    Offered is a thorough skin consultation where we will help educate and guide you in your new journey to maintaining great skin health.

    For a deeper experience add a:

    LED light therapy    $60

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